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Ivona is a marketing and sustainability professional and freelance journalist covering the environment, wildlife, travel and food.

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Urban Homestead – How to Become Sustainable by Growing Your Own Food

A friend, who recently transformed the backyard of her house into a vegetable garden, convinced me to join her for an event at the Urban Homestead in Pasadena. Since I’ve heard about this place from several people before and was planning to visit it eventually, I jumped at the opportunity to explore it. Urban Homestead […]

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Tracing Food from Farm to Table

There has been recent growth in farm-to-table restaurants in Los Angeles, fostered by an increasingly popular farm-to-table movement. Many of these newly opened establishments are quick, counter service-style eateries offering fresh, seasonal, nutritious, and often organic food as a healthy alternative to fast foods and less nutrient-oriented cuisines. In a city where beauty and fitness […]

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Facts about Windmills in Palm Springs

The San Gorgonio Wind Farm is impossible to miss when visiting a unique desert tourist destination, Palm Springs. The wind farm is not only one of the five major wind farms in California and a part of the state’s renewable energy portfolio, but also a popular tourist destination characterized by spectacular views and fascinating ecosystems. […]

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The New Green Revolution at The Taste LA

The Events – ‘Field to Fork’ and ‘Flavors of LA’ Following a period of long anticipation, I was happy to welcome the Labor Day weekend and attend The Taste LA – a wildely popular three-day culinary celebration. This annual food expo attracts the best chefs, restaurants, and food & beverage producers in Southern California, along […]

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5 Sustainable Wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley

Upon my arrival in the Santa Ynez Valley, I instantly felt the spirit of the wine country and could not wait to start exploring the vineyards and wineries—let alone to taste some wines. I decided to focus on five sustainable winemakers to find out what do they share in common and what sets them apart […]

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Exploring the Santa Ynez Valley

The main purpose of my visit to the Santa Ynez Valley was my interest in wine. I explored a few local sustainable vineyards and wineries and learned a great deal about this wine country. Simultaneously, I discovered that this region has so much more to offer than just the grape. The Santa Ynez Valley, located […]

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Why is Ojai a Tourists’ Paradise?

Having arrived in Ojai, California, I was instantly astonished by the magical atmosphere of this town. A list of the “Top Ten Things To Do” in Ojai I found on the Ojai Visitors Bureau website seemed the best way to explore the area. I thus focused on the green and eco friendly activities and created […]

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